Egor Sullivan


I have a long and arduous debate going with some of my travelling buddies over one particular travel item, the backpack. Now, obviously if you are legitimately backpacking your way around an area then you will require one. In addition, if you will be unassisted in the transport of your gear/luggage in a place where you are unable to wheel it , then you must take a backpack. But, and that in my opinion is a very big but, otherwise the backpack is a mistake when travelling.

The very nature of this bag is for it to be out of your sight. Now this is where the arguing begins because there are claims that just because it is out of sight does not mean that you are not aware of anything untoward through feel. Or, the one about how you can protect your belongings back there with locks, and a system of what goes where. And this is where my head begins to spin, and I trip over the many reasons I find the backpack to be the bane of a travellers existence.

Sure, you MIGHT feel a greedy intruder attempting to take your stuff that is housed in that bag, or maybe you will not. I know during a rain storm, while crowded under an awning in San Jose, Costa Rica I did not feel, nor sense that I was getting ripped off. And as for the lock, well two things come to mind immediately. No matter how systematic you are about keeping your valuables under lock and key, you will slip up and put something you can’t bear to be without in the unlocked compartment. That will be the time when someone rifles through your stuff, and jacks that something important.

Oh, and one more thing about a lock, that just alerts thieves to where you are keeping the loot. Thus, that is the part of your pack that the meanies will just slice through with a knife. However, if you used a bag that you can strap over one shoulder and see on your hip, waist or front, then you increase your chances of avoiding this conflict.

If you are the kind of traveler that likes to have tons to do and see on a trip, then put a trip to Estonia on your wish list for 2019.  This tiny up and coming country has declared that it will host over seven thousand events all within this one year. Now that means that they’re really will be something for everyone all in one place. The only question will be how does one decide on which performance, or activity to attend.

Of those seven thousand things will include musical concerts, dance performances, art exhibits, and a whole lot more. This is being done to toast the title given to Estonia as the Capital of Culture for 2019. Now, this may lead you to think that all of this excitement will cause their to be difficulties with flights into and out of this Eastern European gem. But, rest assured, they have planned for this and as such, flights with Estonia Air will be doubles, and budget airlines Easy Jet and Ryan Air are increasing their flights too.

One of the biggest concern a lot of people have when they think of travelling is the dangers of travelling by themselves. However, you have to realize that what you have been conditioned to believe by society in large is to be afraid of the unknown and alien things.

This is especially true among Western civilizations where the news like to talk about the dangers of the things happening outside their country, hence a lot of people have a innate fear of getting in trouble.

But you have to understand that the news only like to perpetuate this cycle of fear in order to sell things and push their agenda. The world is not a hostile and dangerous place if you believe that people are nice and there to help you. Of course you have to be wary of your surroundings and have some common sense when travelling but a lot of people think everyone is out there to get them which is farther from the truth.

In fact even in underdeveloped countries such as Thailand, Vietnam etc it is much safer for people to walk alone at night, because their cultures are very different and there is a different mentality.

However, your main concern should be about getting scammed by people who want to rip you off or there to benefit from you financially. So it not so much about your overall health and well being but your financial well being, because if you stand out as a foreigner who don’t speak the language in most underdeveloped countries you will be charged more and get a different treatment than you are back home.

You should be wary of people who offer you free stuff or give you something, because most likely they are going to demand a service while making you think it’s free. It’s pretty common in a lot of touristy places.

Make sure to keep note of your belongings and where everything is, because in touristy places you will have a lot of pickpockets and organizations of pickpockets or scammers.

It is always best to have a local friend or someone from the area you know through mutal connection, or social media if you want to be safe and know that you are not getting into bad neighborhoods.

I have found couchsurfing a great way to meet locals, because some locals do like meeting foreigners and learning other people’s cultures. It’s a good way to make new friends and enjoy your stay.

Couchsurfing events are less dangerous, but a lot of people have good experience with finding a host on couchsurfing as well, but make sure to look through the background more thoroughly before making a decision to stay at someone else’s place, because if you don’t do your due dilligence you might be stuck with a weirdo.