If you are the kind of traveler that likes to have tons to do and see on a trip, then put a trip to Estonia on your wish list for 2019.  This tiny up and coming country has declared that it will host over seven thousand events all within this one year. Now that means that they’re really will be something for everyone all in one place. The only question will be how does one decide on which performance, or activity to attend.

Of those seven thousand things will include musical concerts, dance performances, art exhibits, and a whole lot more. This is being done to toast the title given to Estonia as the Capital of Culture for 2019. Now, this may lead you to think that all of this excitement will cause their to be difficulties with flights into and out of this Eastern European gem. But, rest assured, they have planned for this and as such, flights with Estonia Air will be doubles, and budget airlines Easy Jet and Ryan Air are increasing their flights too.


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