If you are traveling, there are a lot of things you should and should not pack. This travel blog actually has some really good pointers, but in today’s blog lets talk about some of the essentials.

Passport Holder

You don’t want to be caught in a situation where your passport is ripped or worn out. If you want your passport to last and remain fresh get a passport holder that will protect it from damage.

Water Bottle

In some cases you will go for a long time without water which is why you need water bottle to remain hydrated. Some buses, train rides, and flights don’t stop for many hours, so you better get your water bottle filled up before embarking on your journey.

Good Shoes

I like to bring shoes that are made for traveling. Shoes that have durable soles and sturdy around your feet.

Hiking shoes are too bulky, so it has to be something in between. A hybrid between casual but also functional.

Palladium Boots are a pretty cool brand to try out if you want quality for the price.


UV rays from the sun can actually damage your eyes, so you need sunglasses that will protect your eyes. If you did not know, the longer you go without protecting your eyes from the sun, as you get older the easier your eyesight becomes worse.

You don’t need necessarily expensive pair of sunglasses, but a simple but elegant one that has the feature of protecting UV rays.

Sun Hat

If you don’t have a hat, you are increasing the likelihood of you getting headaches and sometimes a sickness that is caused by excessive sun exposure on your head.

Your brain and head swell causing discomfort and pain. So if you want to avoid that just get a hat.

What not to bring

Toothpaste – It is better to buy toothpaste while you are on the road. You will find travel sized toothpaste or mouthwash while on the road.

Sun lotion – You can get sun lotion from stores. It will just be an extra burden for you to carry unecessary lotion

Excessive amount of clothes – Trust me, you don’t need that many clothes when you are traveling. As long as you have a few pair of pants, shirt, and underwear socks you should be good.

Most books – You probably won’t read them anyway. Only bring books that you are actually going to read on the road! There are plenty of applications that allow you to read from your phone too, so save up some space and try those!

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