There are many different type of hotels in this wide world. But what makes them special from the others is the “Service”. If you want to find out more about travel services check my favorite blog.

Marriott (Marriott) Hotel:

The American hotel chain was first established in 1927 in Washington. As of September 2016, over 5800 branches in 110 countries and over 1.2 million rooms. The average annual income is $ 14,486 billion, of which net income is $ 859 million. Until 2004, it was owned by the international Ramadha Hotel and sold to Cendant Corporation.

Hilton (Hilton) Hotel:

Hilton’s American hotel chain was established in 1919 in Texas and has over 5000 branches with 825,000 rooms in 103 countries. In 2016, revenue reached 11.663 billion dollars.

InterContinental Hotel:

The first internet-based hotel in the United Kingdom, has a total of 5150 branches in 766000 rooms in 100 countries. In 2016, revenue was $ 1.715 million and net profit was $ 417 million.

Wynam (Wyndham) hotel:

American network hotel and was divorced from Cendant in July 2016. There are 7800 hotels in 150 countries. There are over 40,000 employees. The average annual income is $ 930 million.

Hotel Choise (Choice)

was founded in 1939 in the United States of America. There are 6379 branches throughout the world, with a total of 504,357 rooms. In 2016, revenue was $ 924.6 million. Comfort inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep inn, Cambria suites, Suburban, Mainstay Suites, Rode way inn and Econo lodge are available at the Choice Hotels and Resort network.


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