When I look back on my life, traveling brought massive changes to my whole life. At a young age, I used to stay at home and surfing the internet instead of going out. And I read a lot of people saying how travel made an impact on their life at that time I was too young to realize that.

On some occasions, I grabbed the chance to went to Germany as a student exchange. The First 2 months in Germany was a scary movie because I hadn’t gone to another country alone.

There were always my parents with me in my whole life. In Germany, there was no one that I knew, of course, I heard some of my distant blood relatives live in Germany but I only heard their names and hadn’t met with them in real life. After spending in 2 months in Germany I realized challenging myself isn’t a bad idea people grow up only if they go out of their comfort zone. And living alone was my developing zone I noticed my life became adventurous than before and learning how to live an independent day by day.

Every time I look back my first sunset from the plane sudden smile formed in my face. Every person experiences travel differently so that I highly recommend you travel. You will see a different world. Of course, there was and is time to meet with low budgeting and other sudden difficulties. But if you truly want something from the bottom of your heart there is nothing that can stop you. Stay bold and go get what you want.