1. Chinggis Square

The equestrian statue of General D.Sukhbaatar in the center of the square was designed by sculptor S.Choimbol in 1946. The statue of 14 lions is connected by 208 iron chains around the statue, which means “Mongolia is an inviolable fortress”. This is a must-see if you come to Mongolia.

  1. Khuvsgul lake

Khuvsgul lake is one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in the world. For thousands of years, nomadic tribes have adored the Blue Pearl exhibition. Khuvsgul lake is 136 km long, 20-40 km wide, about 260 meters deep, and 414 km of coastline, making up about 70 percent of Mongolia’s freshwater resources and 1 percent of the world’s freshwater resources. From the lake, only the Egiin river takes its source and flows into Lake Baikal along with the Selenge River.

There are four islands in Lake Khuvsgul: Modon Khui, Khadan Khui, Dalain Khui and Baga Khui. The largest of these is Dalain Khui Island, which is 126 meters high, 3 kilometers long, 2 kilometers wide, 5.8 square kilometers, and covered with dense forest. “Khadan Khui” island has a lot of birds because of its high shells. “Modon Ui” has a very beautiful nature. The water clarity is 24.5 meters. There are Bronze Age paintings on the shore


  1. Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain.

The highest point in Mongolia is 4374 meters above the Khuiten peak in the Altai Mountains. The Mongol Altai Mountains stretch for more than 800 km from the west of Mongolia to the southeast along the Mongolian-Chinese border. About 90 percent is a mountainous area with snow-capped mountains at an altitude of 2,500-3,000 meters above sea level.

  1. Arkhangai taikhar stone

Taikhar Chuluu is a coarse-grained granite rock located on the banks of the Tamir River in Ikh Tamir soum of Arkhangai aimag. There are many inscriptions from the 7th-9th centuries. In terms of terrain, Taikhar Chuluu has a high terrace (black shore) in the south and north, and a low mountain (Ulaan Tolgoi) with cliffs facing the Taikhar rock behind it. Many years ago, a large amount of water flowed between the south and north shores. The rock was in a continuous position to the south. There are many myths and scientific explanations for this stone statue. There is a resort next to it, so be sure to visit. Also inside the house, you will see Mongolian traditional tables and chairs.

  1. Zaisan head

Zaisan Tolgoi is a hill south of Ulaanbaatar, on the slopes of Bogd Khan Mountain. As one of the main points of view in Ulaanbaatar, it is one of the most popular places for leisure and tourism. The height of Zaisan Tolgoi was 89 meters, and the creators of the statue blew it up and cut off 4 meters from the top, which was kept secret until 2011. Today, Zaisan Tolgoi has 300 meters of 612 steps, a circular wall with a length of 60 meters and is made of reinforced concrete.


  1. Mongolian National Museum

If you come to Mongolia and don’t want to get acquainted with its history, it will be too unfortunate. Mongolia has a long history, and you can find the cultural system and artifacts used in the past in the Mongolian History Museum.