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  1. Chinggis Square

The equestrian statue of General D.Sukhbaatar in the center of the square was designed by sculptor S.Choimbol in 1946. The statue of 14 lions is connected by 208 iron chains around the statue, which means “Mongolia is an inviolable fortress”. This is a must-see if you come to Mongolia.

  1. Khuvsgul lake

Khuvsgul lake is one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in the world. For thousands of years, nomadic tribes have adored the Blue Pearl exhibition. Khuvsgul lake is 136 km long, 20-40 km wide, about 260 meters deep, and 414 km of coastline, making up about 70 percent of Mongolia’s freshwater resources and 1 percent of the world’s freshwater resources. From the lake, only the Egiin river takes its source and flows into Lake Baikal along with the Selenge River.

There are four islands in Lake Khuvsgul: Modon Khui, Khadan Khui, Dalain Khui and Baga Khui. The largest of these is Dalain Khui Island, which is 126 meters high, 3 kilometers long, 2 kilometers wide, 5.8 square kilometers, and covered with dense forest. “Khadan Khui” island has a lot of birds because of its high shells. “Modon Ui” has a very beautiful nature. The water clarity is 24.5 meters. There are Bronze Age paintings on the shore


  1. Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain.

The highest point in Mongolia is 4374 meters above the Khuiten peak in the Altai Mountains. The Mongol Altai Mountains stretch for more than 800 km from the west of Mongolia to the southeast along the Mongolian-Chinese border. About 90 percent is a mountainous area with snow-capped mountains at an altitude of 2,500-3,000 meters above sea level.

  1. Arkhangai taikhar stone

Taikhar Chuluu is a coarse-grained granite rock located on the banks of the Tamir River in Ikh Tamir soum of Arkhangai aimag. There are many inscriptions from the 7th-9th centuries. In terms of terrain, Taikhar Chuluu has a high terrace (black shore) in the south and north, and a low mountain (Ulaan Tolgoi) with cliffs facing the Taikhar rock behind it. Many years ago, a large amount of water flowed between the south and north shores. The rock was in a continuous position to the south. There are many myths and scientific explanations for this stone statue. There is a resort next to it, so be sure to visit. Also inside the house, you will see Mongolian traditional tables and chairs.

  1. Zaisan head

Zaisan Tolgoi is a hill south of Ulaanbaatar, on the slopes of Bogd Khan Mountain. As one of the main points of view in Ulaanbaatar, it is one of the most popular places for leisure and tourism. The height of Zaisan Tolgoi was 89 meters, and the creators of the statue blew it up and cut off 4 meters from the top, which was kept secret until 2011. Today, Zaisan Tolgoi has 300 meters of 612 steps, a circular wall with a length of 60 meters and is made of reinforced concrete.


  1. Mongolian National Museum

If you come to Mongolia and don’t want to get acquainted with its history, it will be too unfortunate. Mongolia has a long history, and you can find the cultural system and artifacts used in the past in the Mongolian History Museum.

I haven’t been able to travel as much, but it gives me some time to work on myself and get work done.

Mostly I’ve been staying indoors and have been trying to find ways to stay productive throughout the days. It can get hard to maintain self-discipline when the bed is very near or when you get tired, it’s easy to fall asleep and procrastinate, so here are some tips that will help you stay productive.

Maintain A Schedule and Habit

A habit while is difficult to form, is harder to get rid of. If you have bad habits, you need to unlearn those habits and form new habits to replace them.

If you tend to sleep late, then it’s a good way to start waking up early and getting your work done early in the morning when you have the most amount of freewill and creative potential.

It is said that a habit takes over 1 month to form and two months to actually become a part of you. Due to the lockdown, bad habits can form very easily such as sleeping too much, eating unhealthy foods, and letting yourself go, etc. Which is why maintaining your schedule and keeping things consistent with good habits is more important than anything during these times.

Meditate and Workout

Meditation can do wonders for your mind. It relaxes your thoughts and you are not wandering off into unnecessary thoughts. Learn to focus your thoughts and gain clarity for your life. It’s one of the most opportune time to reflect on oneself and gain a better understanding of your inner thoughts.

Most of the time we are unaware of the thoughts that go through a mind, but when we learn to be aware of our thoughts and develop a different mindset, it can do wonders for your mental well-being.

Besides mental health, it’s also important to take care of your physical health. Even if you can’t go outside, doing a few pushups, sit-ups, and stationary cardio is an important aspect keeping a healthy bod.

Use Standing Desk & Chair

A standing desk chair might be something to consider for your physical health. It allows you to perform your work while standing. You get more bloodflow within your body and you get some exercise.

Being more productive while you work and focus are few other other bonuses that come with it. There are various selections and choices that you can choose from and choosing one that is best suited for you won’t be that difficult.

Since I am in relatively good shape, I have one that is more or less a standing chair. When I need to take a break, I lean on my standing desk chair to get a little bit of rest before getting back to work.

Eat Healthy Foods

This might be even more important than exercise as diet can make or break your body. Eat leafy greens, fruits, and whole foods. It’s easy to rely on processed foods or junk foods during these times, but try to maintain a healthy diet for a healthy mind and body.

It could be a good time to learn how to cook and learn new skills even. Websites such as Udemy, Masterclass etc are some places where you can learn plenty of new skills and develop yourself as a person.

Plus you will be saving a lot of money if you will be making food yourself and preparing your own meals. Compared to eating out, you might save 5 to 10 times than what you normally spend on food. But try to avoid processed sugars and meals that are full of saturated fats and chemicals.

Because of the coronavirus lockdown I have been spending a lot of time by myself in isolation however I’ve been noticing that the more you spend time with yourself in peace you’ll find that it’s quite calm and peaceful.However I’ve been missing travelling a lot and going to different places and exploring different cultures and understanding more about myself so I tried do something a bit differently and going on trips to different places in my own country.

If you have not been on the road by yourself and exposed the nature of your own country there are many things that you can explore and many things that you still can enjoy out in nature.

Recently I went hiking near mountain that’s closer to where I live with a few friends.I have learnt that preparation is more important than anything when you are travelling into the wilderness and off-roading.

Especially with food and and knowing how to prepare the food without the luxuries of modern day life and without modern day tools however it was quite interesting to find that you still can survive out it makes you with the most basic of things.

Before I used to travel with most of an arranged plan and most often stayed in hotel cities but this time around it was quite a unique experience travelling how to make sure with nothing but the basic Necessities.I found that it’s quite peaceful and relaxing for the soul Getting more in touch with yourself and getting in touch with the world after while you learn to listen to your heart and you learn to listen to your surroundings.

However a few things that you should bring with you when you’re travelling out in the wilderness in nature are:

  • Flashlight
  • Food cooler
  • Diary
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes

Bring a Flashlight

You don’t know how much of a lifesaver flashlight can be because when you are in the middle of nowhere with no lights and with no guidance as to where things are a flashlight can be the light to find a way and not get lost.

Now you could use the flashlight on your phone but I highly suggest that maybe you get a pocket flashlight or a flashlight that is designed for the outdoors such as 1tac tc1200.

When my friends actually ended up getting lost while she was struck and and our group had to spend almost an hour searching for her but luckily because we had a way to light up a path we found her before she disappeared into the void .

Flashlight between 20 to $30 range is the best choice for outdoor and typing off-roading adventures.

Food cooler

A portable refrigerator is also very important because when you are way from go to stores and shops then you’ll have to find a way to maintain your food at cool temperatures without making it go bad.

They don’t necessarily have to be one of the most expensive once you can find one for $30 with less it’s just that you have to keep it out of this sun and portable enough that you can pay with you in your car when you bus.

A Diary to Find Yourself

I highly recommend that you bring a diary with you when you are travelling for long periods of time I’m in silence because it provides you the opportunity to learn more about yourself learn more about what you want to go in life and how you want to live it.

Quiet and peace you find revelations about who you are and what yourlife purpose is.Is in today’s modern day in age we forget that sometimes we need silence and space for selves can stand the cans of questions that we might ask yourself send instead of more about ourselves in a deep level.Because everything was busy in busy and busy with the rush, modern-day living that we forget to take time for ourselves.

So take a few notes down and write down your thoughts and what is on your mind.You as you write down your thoughts and ideas you begin to understand or process the questions that you can dealing with a struggling with and there’s a greater sense of clarity when you write down your thoughts .


A sunscreen is more important than anything if you are travelling out in hotter climates out in the sun for longer periods of time.Besides just preventing skin cancer it can also help you maintain youthful appearance because the sun actually does age your skin quite a bit.

Other locations such as moisturizers and mosquito repellent I’m point if you want to avoid bugs other critters.

You need Comfortable Clothes!

You don’t have anyone that you need to impress so why go out of your way to look all all dressed up when in fact it can be taken away from me joy and your trip experience.

Basic clothes such as shoot flip flops shorts and clothes that feel comfortable for you is very important.

So use this time to learn more about yourself discover about your inner thoughts and enjoy the outdoors.


When you are traveling there are a lot of things you learn about history and the culture of the people who live there. One of the most recent profound experience for me has been a totally different environment and culture within Turkey.

There, I found great ways to decorate my home and how to pick the right furniture for my future house. Coming from a soviet background usually our decoration and interior design culture is not the best. It’s very bland and boring to say the least, however, I have learned that the more you travel the more you open your eyes to the beauty of other things in the world.

I had a friend host me at his house in Turkey, Istanbul. The city is massive and with over 20 million people, and from the architecture and the design to how the people lived, it was profoundly different than what I was used to. Usually former soviet countries are very cold on the outside and keep to ourselves, but one thing that struck me in Turkey was how people were open and eager to talk to just random strangers.

Talking with shop keepers and going to stores felt like making new friends as you had to negotiate and talk about whether you could get discount on some of the products, but it was quite the learning experience.

There is a rich sense of history in the country of Turkey. The Ottoman empire culture and remnants were still visible and the people were proud of their background and heritage.

New Designs & Decoration

One thing that stood out to me was the use ottoman furniture. You can learn more from this website.

The colors are unique and bright with a lot of colorful sights. The furniture seemed minimalist and set in such a way to provied as much room and space in the room. People hung rugs, and all kinds of garments on their walls.

Obviously you have modern design and decoration in the mix like any other country, but some of the things really stand out in the center piece and how choose to express themselves.

Finding new Decoration Inspiration With Ottomans

The ottomans though really fascinated me. It’s versatile piece of furniture that can go with almost all kinds of things when it comes to decration. You can use it as a stool, chair, footrest, a makeshift table, and various other things that might fit the need of the user.

What was neat was how my friend Dzengis pulled out cups, and other tableware from his ottoman stool that he was sitting on. His house was clean and quite organized, I think the ottoman furniture definitely helps with him staying on top of everything.

When I get back, I probably will look for the same thing in my nearest shop or browse online for what I might find. For a broke backpacker like me it might actually be a pretty good piece to decorate my home with. It’s not that big nor does it have much space, so it might be the perfect fit for me to get things in top shape.

Bangkok is one of the greatest tourist destinations on the planet. This city attracts people from all over the world. There is something for everyone. Enjoy shopping, dining, clubbing, or sightseeing.

If you are backpacking through Asia, Bangkok is a must visit destination. I am hoping you took the Trans Siberian, made a few stops and bought souvenirs & gifts for your friends and family, but anyways here are 10 reasons to visit Bangkok Thailand.

#1 – The Streets Are Not Crowded

If you have visited Bangkok before the military coup, then you likely experienced a crowded tourist scene in some of the most popular destinations in Bangkok. This is currently not a problem. The streets are less crowded.

Tourists have been waiting to see if the political climate remains stable. As mentioned, it has been two years since the takeover. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit Bangkok before the streets start filling up with tourists again.

#2 – Air Travel to Thailand is Cheaper

Since fewer tourists are interested in traveling to Bangkok right now, the airline tickets are cheaper. You can expect to pay much less than you would have a couple of years ago. Though, you should still compare airlines and find the best deals.

As traveler confidence increases, the prices will likely increase. You should consider booking a trip while the prices are still low. This applies to airline tickets and your lodging as well. Compare the prices of multiple resorts and hotels and you will surely get an amazing deal right now.

#3 – Watch Muay Thai

You should have no problem getting ringside tickets to real Muay Thai boxing during your stay in Bangkok. Visit Rajadamnern Stadium or Lumpinee Stadium for entertaining amateur boxing. Generally, there are 8 different matches each night.

#4 – Amazing Riverfront

The Asiatique is a night market recently opened in Bangkok. It is a large complex that is divided into 4 separate districts. Each area has distinct styles, décor, and a variety of bars, restaurants, and shopping stalls. You can spend hours browsing the various stalls.

#5 – Authentic Thai FOOD

A trip to Bangkok is not complete without eating plenty of authentic Thai street food. You will find street vendors and food stalls almost everywhere you go. There is no shortage of variety. Enjoy fried insects and other exotic items. Or, you could stick to the food you know and love.

#6 – The Tuk Tuks

Another traditional Bangkok experience is going for a Tuk Tuk ride. You get an open ride to your destination. Though, you should be prepared to haggle on the price. Otherwise, you can expect to pay significantly more than you would for a taxi.

#7 – Visit an Interactive Museum

Art in Paradise in an interactive museum that has recently opened at the Esplanade Shopping Mall. The museum is divided into a variety of large rooms. Each room is painted with large, surreal murals. Many of these murals are designed to trick your eyes. This is why the museum is also referred to as the Trickeye 3D Museum.

#8 – Coconuts everywhere!

Coconut ice cream should be reason enough to visit Bangkok again. You can find this delicious treat just about anywhere in Bangkok. It is often served in a coconut husk. Though, if you happen to purchase this ice cream at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can enjoy the ice cream served with corn and peanuts.

#9 – Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you are going to be in Bangkok on a Saturday or Sunday, then you should visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This is the largest market in Asia, with 27 sections. There are over 15,000 booths. You could spend all day traveling the market and not even get to see every booth.

You can find anything from furniture to clothing. Buy plants, souvenirs, original artwork, food, and just about anything else.

#10 – Experience the Nightlife

Bangkok has one of the most famous nightlife scenes in the world. After spending your day eating authentic Thai food and shopping at markets, you can enjoy some alcoholic beverages at the endless number of bars and nightclubs.

If you need an excuse to visit Bangkok again, then remember these 10 reasons. You now have quite a few examples of why you need to make your next trip a trip to Bangkok. Now is the time to visit. Whether you have been to Bangkok before or not, this city is truly one of the most remarkable tourist destinations.

You should have fun planning your trip and do not forget to check out the spots and activities discussed. The streets are currently less crowded. Airline tickets and hotel rooms are cheaper. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore Bangkok all over again.

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Home to the best attractions of London, the City of London was founded in AD50 by the Romans. It is surrounded by Tower Hill, Liverpool Street and Barbican and Blackfriars tube station. It is a very short walk from Southwark, Brick Lane and West End.

Sitting in the heart of London, the City of London offers plenty reasons why you should pick it as your preferred destination in London.

There are so many attractions here.

Goldsmith’s Hall

A Grade I building at the intersection of Gresham Street and Foster Lane in the City of London, Goldsmith’s Hall serves as an assay office.

The Monument

Climb the 311 spiral steps 202 feet up to the top of The Monument. The observation deck at the top offers a lovely view over London. You can check out the Tower Bridge, the River, the BT Tower and St Paul’s to name some. The Monument was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was erected between 1671 and 1677. This is the tallest freestanding stone column in the world and marks the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Tower Bridge

Offering one of the best vantage points from the stunning glass walkways, Tower Bridge is definitely one of the most popular attractions. The West Walkway offers a chance to see the lovely architectural styles of the Tower of London, St Paul Cathedral, City Hall, London Eye, Big Ben and London Eye. You can experience the incredible views of the Docklands and Canary Wharf from The East Walkway.

Guildhall Art Gallery

Guildhall Art Gallery offers London’s range of 18th, 19th and 20th century works of art. Lovely architecture and an excellent setting along with a varied collection of paintings make this a great place to visit in London. Some of these painters are by artists like Constable, Rossetti, Tissot, Lanseer and others.

Museum of London

This famous attraction documents the extensive history of London from prehistoric to modern times. Nestled on London Wall, near the Barbican Centre, the Museum of London is one of the must-visit attractions of London.

There are numerous places to eat and drink

From flashy bar to quiet pubs, grand restaurants to chilled out cafes, the City of London is quiet an interesting place. There are numerous places where you can eat in style. Some of the celebrity chef restaurants are Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Barbecoa by Jamie Oliver and Steak and Alehouse by Marco Pierre White.

Enjoy an Indian meal at Mint Leaf Lounge or a New York-inspired dinner at Strip Bar and Steak.

Some others include the Goodman City with low-hanging lamps and dark wood panelling. At this place, you get the best steak in London. You can also go to the Hawksmoor Guildhall and try British classics dished up in wood-panelled surrounds. The perfect cocktails alongside make up for a lovely meal!

Other restaurants in this area include City Caphe, 1 Lombard Street, Coq d’Argent, City Social, The Don, Coq d’Argent, Sauterelle, Royal Exchange, Duck & Waffle, Simpson’s Tavern, The Café Below and The Mercer.

Shopping is so much fun in the City of London

Check out the trendy Old Spitalfields Market or the historic Leadenhall Market.

You can go to Topshop and Karen Millen for high street fashion.

Accommodation and Travel

The City of London offers a wide range of accommodation options including apartments and hotels. There are numerous options for all kinds of budgets. Also, it is quite easier to travel from the City of London to various places. You can travel by Tube, bus, taxi and train or hire a bicycle to go to various places in the city.

Climbing high altitude mountains like ice-capped or snowy mountains is a very tough process and the mountaineers should carry all the stuffs that are needed for such extreme sports. Adventure lovers those who are planning to tour high altitude mountains for adventure sports or activities should carry the gear that is showcased on this website. The water proof gear that is showcased here comes with very high quality and standard. This trustworthy water proof gear bag which comes in different types of colors such as blue, green, orange, red and yellow is constructed with sturdy materials like PVC tarpaulin. Hikers and adventurists those who are seriously involved in mountaineering activities will be able to stuff lots of items like shoes, nails, ropes and binocular easily without any difficulties.

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Stuff Several Items In The Adventure Bag

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There are many different type of hotels in this wide world. But what makes them special from the others is the “Service”. If you want to find out more about travel services check my favorite blog.

Marriott (Marriott) Hotel:

The American hotel chain was first established in 1927 in Washington. As of September 2016, over 5800 branches in 110 countries and over 1.2 million rooms. The average annual income is $ 14,486 billion, of which net income is $ 859 million. Until 2004, it was owned by the international Ramadha Hotel and sold to Cendant Corporation.

Hilton (Hilton) Hotel:

Hilton’s American hotel chain was established in 1919 in Texas and has over 5000 branches with 825,000 rooms in 103 countries. In 2016, revenue reached 11.663 billion dollars.

InterContinental Hotel:

The first internet-based hotel in the United Kingdom, has a total of 5150 branches in 766000 rooms in 100 countries. In 2016, revenue was $ 1.715 million and net profit was $ 417 million.

Wynam (Wyndham) hotel:

American network hotel and was divorced from Cendant in July 2016. There are 7800 hotels in 150 countries. There are over 40,000 employees. The average annual income is $ 930 million.

Hotel Choise (Choice)

was founded in 1939 in the United States of America. There are 6379 branches throughout the world, with a total of 504,357 rooms. In 2016, revenue was $ 924.6 million. Comfort inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep inn, Cambria suites, Suburban, Mainstay Suites, Rode way inn and Econo lodge are available at the Choice Hotels and Resort network.

When you are traveling into the unknown and making a path for yourself, you need good shoes and footwear that will keep you comfortable. Trust me, you are going to be walking for many many hours and perhaps with only one pair of shoes.

Bringing with you many pairs of shoes take up a lot of space and are annoying to carry around. So I usually recommend people to buy a pair of boots that are sturdy and made for everything. Palladium Boots are the best from my experience. You can read great reviews here and make up your choice:

Whey Palladiums you Might Ask?

They have amazing prices for amazing quality. I have worn them for many years and one of the most cheapest canvas pairs have lasted me more than 3 years. And it was not the shoes/boot that got worn out, but it was the lace, and maybe some loss of color, but I didn’t really treat my pair of boots that well. It has been through a lot, but I was surprised by how long they lasted.

Selecting for comfort and environment

Depending on where you will be going, you should stop to consider what kind of material you should buy. Because some materials make your feet sweat a lot whereas some material will not be able to keep the warmth.

So if you are going to colder climates, perhaps try leather boots and more padded ones. However, if you are going to moist and warmer countries, then the canvas Palladiums are the best choice.

Walking For Hours and Comfort

Trust me, when you are on the road you will spend most of your time walking and if you are not used that, your feet will hurt and if you have shoes that are not comfortable and appropriate for your foot arch, you might actually hurt your feet in the long run, so be careful.

Something I like to do is putting an extra pair of insoles in my shoes. You can buy particular insoles that have particular arch and help with balance and support.

How Expensive Should They Be?

If you have some extra cash to spare, don’t worry about not getting a good deal, because even though they are very well priced, the quality that comes for the price is amazing. You can’t really go wrong with any choice.

Depending on the style and the color of the shoes, the prices might vary, but usually you will get a really good quality pair for about $70.

If you like some custom work and other funky colors, you can browse around and choose one that fits you.

If you are traveling, there are a lot of things you should and should not pack. This travel blog actually has some really good pointers, but in today’s blog lets talk about some of the essentials.

Passport Holder

You don’t want to be caught in a situation where your passport is ripped or worn out. If you want your passport to last and remain fresh get a passport holder that will protect it from damage.

Water Bottle

In some cases you will go for a long time without water which is why you need water bottle to remain hydrated. Some buses, train rides, and flights don’t stop for many hours, so you better get your water bottle filled up before embarking on your journey.

Good Shoes

I like to bring shoes that are made for traveling. Shoes that have durable soles and sturdy around your feet.

Hiking shoes are too bulky, so it has to be something in between. A hybrid between casual but also functional.

Palladium Boots are a pretty cool brand to try out if you want quality for the price.


UV rays from the sun can actually damage your eyes, so you need sunglasses that will protect your eyes. If you did not know, the longer you go without protecting your eyes from the sun, as you get older the easier your eyesight becomes worse.

You don’t need necessarily expensive pair of sunglasses, but a simple but elegant one that has the feature of protecting UV rays.

Sun Hat

If you don’t have a hat, you are increasing the likelihood of you getting headaches and sometimes a sickness that is caused by excessive sun exposure on your head.

Your brain and head swell causing discomfort and pain. So if you want to avoid that just get a hat.

What not to bring

Toothpaste – It is better to buy toothpaste while you are on the road. You will find travel sized toothpaste or mouthwash while on the road.

Sun lotion – You can get sun lotion from stores. It will just be an extra burden for you to carry unecessary lotion

Excessive amount of clothes – Trust me, you don’t need that many clothes when you are traveling. As long as you have a few pair of pants, shirt, and underwear socks you should be good.

Most books – You probably won’t read them anyway. Only bring books that you are actually going to read on the road! There are plenty of applications that allow you to read from your phone too, so save up some space and try those!