Because of the coronavirus lockdown I have been spending a lot of time by myself in isolation however I’ve been noticing that the more you spend time with yourself in peace you’ll find that it’s quite calm and peaceful.However I’ve been missing travelling a lot and going to different places and exploring different cultures and understanding more about myself so I tried do something a bit differently and going on trips to different places in my own country.

If you have not been on the road by yourself and exposed the nature of your own country there are many things that you can explore and many things that you still can enjoy out in nature.

Recently I went hiking near mountain that’s closer to where I live with a few friends.I have learnt that preparation is more important than anything when you are travelling into the wilderness and off-roading.

Especially with food and and knowing how to prepare the food without the luxuries of modern day life and without modern day tools however it was quite interesting to find that you still can survive out it makes you with the most basic of things.

Before I used to travel with most of an arranged plan and most often stayed in hotel cities but this time around it was quite a unique experience travelling how to make sure with nothing but the basic Necessities.I found that it’s quite peaceful and relaxing for the soul Getting more in touch with yourself and getting in touch with the world after while you learn to listen to your heart and you learn to listen to your surroundings.

However a few things that you should bring with you when you’re travelling out in the wilderness in nature are:

  • Flashlight
  • Food cooler
  • Diary
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes

Bring a Flashlight

You don’t know how much of a lifesaver flashlight can be because when you are in the middle of nowhere with no lights and with no guidance as to where things are a flashlight can be the light to find a way and not get lost.

Now you could use the flashlight on your phone but I highly suggest that maybe you get a pocket flashlight or a flashlight that is designed for the outdoors such as 1tac tc1200.

When my friends actually ended up getting lost while she was struck and and our group had to spend almost an hour searching for her but luckily because we had a way to light up a path we found her before she disappeared into the void .

Flashlight between 20 to $30 range is the best choice for outdoor and typing off-roading adventures.

Food cooler

A portable refrigerator is also very important because when you are way from go to stores and shops then you’ll have to find a way to maintain your food at cool temperatures without making it go bad.

They don’t necessarily have to be one of the most expensive once you can find one for $30 with less it’s just that you have to keep it out of this sun and portable enough that you can pay with you in your car when you bus.

A Diary to Find Yourself

I highly recommend that you bring a diary with you when you are travelling for long periods of time I’m in silence because it provides you the opportunity to learn more about yourself learn more about what you want to go in life and how you want to live it.

Quiet and peace you find revelations about who you are and what yourlife purpose is.Is in today’s modern day in age we forget that sometimes we need silence and space for selves can stand the cans of questions that we might ask yourself send instead of more about ourselves in a deep level.Because everything was busy in busy and busy with the rush, modern-day living that we forget to take time for ourselves.

So take a few notes down and write down your thoughts and what is on your mind.You as you write down your thoughts and ideas you begin to understand or process the questions that you can dealing with a struggling with and there’s a greater sense of clarity when you write down your thoughts .


A sunscreen is more important than anything if you are travelling out in hotter climates out in the sun for longer periods of time.Besides just preventing skin cancer it can also help you maintain youthful appearance because the sun actually does age your skin quite a bit.

Other locations such as moisturizers and mosquito repellent I’m point if you want to avoid bugs other critters.

You need Comfortable Clothes!

You don’t have anyone that you need to impress so why go out of your way to look all all dressed up when in fact it can be taken away from me joy and your trip experience.

Basic clothes such as shoot flip flops shorts and clothes that feel comfortable for you is very important.

So use this time to learn more about yourself discover about your inner thoughts and enjoy the outdoors.



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