When you think of swimming pools, the most common image people tend to picture in their heads is outdoor pools. After all, they are by far the more common than their counterpart, the indoor swimming pool. However, although unrecognized by the larger population, the indoor swimming pool have many advantages that may prove to be the better experience as a whole than its more popular cousin.

For example, indoor pools are not subjected to the whims of the weather or the time of year, and can be enjoyed year round without worry. Another great advantage is the sheer customizability of the interior space, which allowed designers to come up with weird shapes and sizes, all colors and all kinds of concepts. Because of which some indoor swimming pools provide a unique experience and wonder to the swimmers that is unmatched in its beauty. From spectacular swimming pools to jaw dropping hotel spas, these are some of the most stunning indoor pools from all over the globe.

The Water Club at Borgata, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Water Club at Borgata is the Borgata Hotel’s is an exclusive, couples-centric offshoot. While it has plenty of stunning accommodations, including casinos, gyms, and spas, its indoor pools take it to another level. The most stunning one is the Daydream pool, which mimics the wilderness.

With large windows, a bar, and tons of potted trees and plants, swimmers will feel like they are on a tropical retreat. Daydream the hours away at The Water Club’s Indoor Pools, located on the lobby level. Featuring a heated pool, infinity-edge dipping pool, two invigorating Jacuzzis, comfortable chaise lounges, and an intimate bar accented by palm trees and lush foliage.

Royal Crescent Hotel, United Kingdom

The dazzling award-winning Spa & Bath House, which was fully renovated in 2016, may be small, but it has an almost cathedral-like aesthetic with arched windows, stone walls and floors, bamboo ceilings and an uber-peaceful vibe. It includes almost every facility to deliver you a unique and wonderful experience.

Here you can find a 12-metre heated relaxation pool, a Vitality Pool with massage jets, Himalayan Salt Infused Sauna, a Herbal Steam Inhalation Room.

Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, USA

Did you ever want to have the chance to swim with real fishes? Then you have to check out the jaw dropping Tank and HideOut pool complex at the Golden Nugget Casino. This award winning hotel not only has what one would expect of Vegas, but also provides a once in a lifetime experience that allows patrons to actually swim right up close and personal to the $30 million aquarium that runs through the hotel.

Additionally, if you have more of an adventurous taste then the 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium might just provide the excitement you crave. The only thing separating you and your water wings from a whole host of marine life (sharks included) is a thick pane of glass. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium

Looking at this pool’s design, you might just think it is an modern art installation, and you will be partially right. Part surreal art installation, part deep sea diving training arena, the Nemo 33 is anything but the ordinary pool. This unique pool in Brussels had claimed the title of deepest indoor pool in the world at the staggering depth of 108 ft. Even though it has lost its standing to the Y-40 “Deep Joy” pool in Padua, with a recorded maximum depth of 113 feet, it still is an amazing feat of human ingenuity.

Nemo’s numerous underwater caves and caverns make a great way to explore in the comfort of a pool before taking your fins for a test spin around the coral reef. However, the most interesting feature is that it allows divers with wetsuits and the ordinary folk to get the chance to feel this amazing experience.

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet

At first glance this pool with its yellowish hue turns the viewer off. However, this pool in the Lhasa Resort, one of the most luxurious hotel pools in the world, is actually lined with genuine gold leaf tiles, hence the color. Fancy. The resort located at the foot of the Tibetan mountains provides almost as breathtaking a view indoors as the Himalayas does.

The amazing indoor pool of this resort is known as the Golden Energy Room and has been designed to reflect the art and spirit of ancient Tibet. Each of its glowing 24-carat gold leaf tiles are secured down by crystals, making this one of the most expensive pool dips you’re ever likely to try.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, India

If you are looking for a more relaxing and ethereal experience then the stunning Zodiac pool in the Umaid Bhawan Palace may prove to be the best thing in the world. The most distinguishing feature of which actually lies hidden beneath the waters. The floor is engraved with twelve signs of the zodiac, decorated along the walls of the lavish indoor pool in gold tiles.

The underground pool was built as a recent extension of the grand hotel within the Umaid Bhawan Palace (once the largest private residence in the world with an impressive 347 rooms in total).

7132 Hotel, Vals, Switzerland

Some pools can give the viewer a sense of comfort and awe; however, some leave a more unnerving impression. This is the spa and pool in the 7132 Hotel. At first, it looks like the set of a science fiction movie, but do not be alarmed by its unique modern architecture. Designed by Peter Zumthor, the pool was constructed from 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite and meant to resemble a cave or quarry-like complex.

Though it may look intimidating, the layout of the pool is meant to maximize satisfaction for its users. The mythical atmosphere, the highly mineralized water at 30 degrees Celsius and a wide range of exclusive ESPA treatments at the spa allows its customers to indulge both body and soul.

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago, USA

Built in 1929, this indoor pool is a marvel of engineering and beauty. The pool is located on the 14th floor, offering amazing views of the city through the large windows while also providing views of the 1920s architecture in the pool hall itself. The swimming pool, a junior Olympic-sized pool, is one of the largest hotel pools in the United States; it is also the oldest indoor pool in the city of Chicago.

This pool provides the swimmers a unique insight into the history of the USA. The pools interior is made of bleached white quartz slabs and aligned with gold, truly giving the user a feeling of extravagance in the roaring 1920s.


We have finished our brief review over some of the most extravagant and beautiful indoor swimming pools around the world. If you wish to experience them, but just can’t afford to do so do not fret. An easy way to bring a little, or perhaps a lot of joy, into your life is to get your very own swimming pool. The process and required knowledge may be a bit tricky, but I guarantee the end result is worth it.


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