When you are traveling into the unknown and making a path for yourself, you need good shoes and footwear that will keep you comfortable. Trust me, you are going to be walking for many many hours and perhaps with only one pair of shoes.

Bringing with you many pairs of shoes take up a lot of space and are annoying to carry around. So I usually recommend people to buy a pair of boots that are sturdy and made for everything. Palladium Boots are the best from my experience. You can read great reviews here and make up your choice: https://palladiumbootsreviews.com/

Whey Palladiums you Might Ask?

They have amazing prices for amazing quality. I have worn them for many years and one of the most cheapest canvas pairs have lasted me more than 3 years. And it was not the shoes/boot that got worn out, but it was the lace, and maybe some loss of color, but I didn’t really treat my pair of boots that well. It has been through a lot, but I was surprised by how long they lasted.

Selecting for comfort and environment

Depending on where you will be going, you should stop to consider what kind of material you should buy. Because some materials make your feet sweat a lot whereas some material will not be able to keep the warmth.

So if you are going to colder climates, perhaps try leather boots and more padded ones. However, if you are going to moist and warmer countries, then the canvas Palladiums are the best choice.

Walking For Hours and Comfort

Trust me, when you are on the road you will spend most of your time walking and if you are not used that, your feet will hurt and if you have shoes that are not comfortable and appropriate for your foot arch, you might actually hurt your feet in the long run, so be careful.

Something I like to do is putting an extra pair of insoles in my shoes. You can buy particular insoles that have particular arch and help with balance and support.

How Expensive Should They Be?

If you have some extra cash to spare, don’t worry about not getting a good deal, because even though they are very well priced, the quality that comes for the price is amazing. You can’t really go wrong with any choice.

Depending on the style and the color of the shoes, the prices might vary, but usually you will get a really good quality pair for about $70.

If you like some custom work and other funky colors, you can browse around and choose one that fits you.


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