A different light

Hello, my name is Egor, and I love traveling around the world. What you will find in this blog is cool destinations around the world you can visit and some of the crazy ideas that I come up with that are inspired by travel.
You do not have to wait until you have a lot of money stored up. Just start traveling now after you started you will realize traveling doesn’t claim tons of money. I will be happy to keep you up with the curious, excellent news and travel hacks. And feel free to send me topics related to traveling so that I will give an effort to give a bit of advice.

What traveling means to me?

More than amazing

Traveling means a lot to me. I can’t find a word to describe the feeling of traveling. I am addicted to traveling. I can’t convince you with fancy words but I guarantee you won’t regret that you traveled. Just enjoy life traveling is one of the ways to enjoy.

Eye opening

Imagine living in one route in one hometown. When I was young I used to don’t like to go out and make new friends. What I liked was to stay at home all day and watch my favorite cartoons on TV until I travel. Don’t be a fool like me. Opportunity is everywhere just start doing.


Why I mentioned life-changing is it helps me a lot to find myself. I broke my bad habits and set healthy daily routines. I have a changed lot from who I was before travel. Travel gives a lot believe me. x)